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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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stairs at the marine layer. high pressure builds and as we head into the weekend. the warming trend should short-lived. we're dropping down from the gulf of alaska that the spring and summer and next week.
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funding for the near term has been secured to keep those tolls fully staffed on friday.
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talks to her and asked if she wants to see something. >>: reporter: yesterday's it happen in the afternoon this time it was a 20 something year- old woman at the shopping center she was riding her bicycle he pulled over he ask for directions cheeping compliant to be a good citizen she comes over and tries to help when she sees them performing a black act as well. all three victims think fleer not injured. that, with the composite sketch let me tell you on monday with the blue car on tuesday was a white car and yesterday's a white car. i talked to him yesterday and of the cars they do not appear to match. it's not really and pour into them what's and pour into them is the sketch.
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was a strike was last month. the ferry workers were in line and their was no ferries. we're told that the bus drivers will be honoring the strike next friday. this is the third strike by members of the golden gate bridge. the working without contracts since july. an average of 22,000 people have used golden gate prices every day.
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it's unknown person to contract in bola outside of the outbreak zone in africa. she was helping a spanish missionary when she got affected. she later died. she is now in stable condition this morning.
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common in the summer and fall. they expect that this case will taper off soon.
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>>: reporter: the blue angels both went this afternoon. the welcoming back the blue angels with a heavy dose of fall. it's so thick that a bit delayed the start of their highly anticipated practice. here they are leaving oakland this was the wrong 4:00 yesterday afternoon. once the fog cleared enough to allow them to fly. they were post to start practice around noon. it gave them a shorter displayed. they waited all afternoon to see the blue angels. the delay was a disappointment for many but not for all.
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problems or visibility. right now however there's pretty overcast conditions. san francisco yet 60 degrees 57 right now on the concord area. we're dealing with a deeper marine layer. this cloud cover is pretty stubborn to burn off. it will hang on and to the afternoon but eventually we will see the sun shine.
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invalid. let's purge 8381 for fairfield.
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marin county it through sonoma county and a little slowing to the construction some lighter than usual for the cattlemen drive. one
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south of the parts station. will give you more information as soon as we get it.
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not armed shot by a police officer.
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now causing paralysis and the bay area. they're having more what the doctors are saying about that case.
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: reporter: we felt acutely knicks of the lambs. you see fas child neurologist says that the child was amended to the hospital later released last month. he's not been treated on case basis. at this point
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doctors are still not sure what the link is if there is one at all between this type of paralysis and enterovirus the 68. doctors also say that there's no correlation between the severity of enterovirus. and whether or not they haven't developed paralysis. >>: reporter: and while doctors say that it's a small percentage of those who have the virus
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develops paralysis. the numbers they say will likely rise. last week the california department of public health says there were 14 cases of the virus throughout the state of california for the current year. they're expected to update those numbers on friday.
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: i actually just celebrated my 27th birthday. : round here this morning celebrating their humanitarian village. reporting on some of our displays of the unique abilities that would bring to the bay area. one is the water
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petition and will pump water out of the bay. welcome everybody to come out this weekend. : for the week is the amount of trading and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief that goes on. we actually started last monday with that. we had one of your reporters on the flight. that's one of the amazing things here is we take opportunity to train. this is very realistic scenario that could lead toward earthquake. : that's right. we also have some rescue trending over at the san francisco fire training facility on treasure island. with us of a softball tournament on the field. nobody would want to miss the veterans and the memorial dedications this
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morning over at city hall. it's 80 years in the making and will dedicates that today. : obviously a unique thing to have the usf as americans in san for cisco. it's a once-in-a- lifetime activity that will take place tomorrow.
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fleet week.
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this morning. we will bring you the blue angels fleet week demonstration live tomorrow you can watch our one our special.
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'70s. temperatures will jump up as an added to 70 degrees this afternoon.
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belgrade to the toll plaza and that the richmond san rafael bridge of full staffing we do not see a backup for the west bound ride.
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utilities synar says he will not speak another term. this just came as the state senator called for his removal. under the pd they say that they criticize for causing a cozy relationship for pg&e. some accuse the tse of trying to help the genie after the 2010 pipeline and san bruno. their current term ends in december.
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plaid shirt and a red hat. a very clumsy and shot to help the police find this guy. he walked into the u.s. bank yesterday's and police say they claimed he had a gun the witnesses say he did not have a gun. we don't even know of the get away with money are not.
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: reporter: rectify founder block of the tomas street runoff seventh street. instead the police are out here i just got to the scene where it took place at 5:00 a.m. inside of a resident. we're being told that at least two victims were shot inside of the resident and we're being told that one of those residents and one of those victims was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting the second was transported to a local hospital where he's been described as life-threatening injuries. right now we don't have any sort of suspect information it's a developing story. >>: reporter: we get more informational pass along.
6:46 am three men arrested and charged with the death of a san jose father. they said that the victim was not actually the intended target. whether the latest on our web site. the brother
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takes quite some time for the call cover to burn off. we're talking about later in the afternoon. once the sun comes up for talking about overcast conditions.
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the seven there around the bay for cast brace yourself for a bit of warm up as get into saturday and sunday. temperatures backed off a cold front approaches. this remains tuesday into wednesday the greatest chance for the north the in the east bay.
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police. between now these pictures. they found the snake on california street hero the avenue. this is taken to silicon valley animal control authorities.
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coast the cardinals free it's all this sunday night at 9 right after the news.
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of family makes my heart soar. that is what sarah. lynn had to say about our kids getting involved in a fight.
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storm recorded. here's the picture from space from the national space-share space station. the slowly use a steam but it's expected to hit south korea and japan early next week.
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